What Malaysia Can Learn From The World’s Best Education System

Equal Access To Education

Formal education in Malaysia is divided into 5 distinct educational stages; a) Early Education, b) Primary Education, c) Secondary Education, d) Post-Secondary Education and e) Higher Education. The Finnish education system, on the other hand, is divided into a) Early childhood Education & Care, b) General Education, c) Vocational Education & Training, and d) Higher Education; 4 stages of education in total.

Finland’s education system has been regarded, and it still is, one of the best in the world. One of the basic principles of Finnish education is that all her citizens must have equal access to education and training. And they are all free at all levels; from pre-primary to higher education. Their teachers are very well paid. Their places of learning place less emphasis on homework and tests. It stands to reason why our education minister, Dr Maszlee Malik, many moons ago was keen to adopt Finland’s education system.

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