1. Setting A Good Example

Kids learn by example. They see things that parents do more often than they listen to what parents say; a perfect example of monkey see, monkey do. It’s therefore crucial that we, parents, strive to be a good role model for our kids. Like it or not, we’re the first role model our kids look up to.

2. Quality Time Together

Allocate some quality time together. Talking or do some activities with them helps strengthen the family bond. Whether it’s a small activity or chatting about current topics. Setting aside some time with the family allows you to know them better.

3. Be A Good Listener

Be there and be supportive. Listen to what they have to say about anything. It can be about their friends. It can be topics on sexuality. Listening plays a very crucial role in building trust. So be patient and hear them out.

4. Patience

Whether it’s something you want your child to improve, it takes time for changes to happen.

5. Boundaries

Be firm and stick to the same rules. The minute a child learns that a certain rule can be changed, more often than not, they might take advantage of it and mistake it for leniency. So be firm so that the children will follow them.

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